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Game of Thrones final Emmy has just been secured. With all the nitpicking from the final season aside, we can all agree that it was a wild and thoroughly entertaining ride while it lasted.

When you think back on the countless hours sunk into your binge (all 8 seasons are currently available through Foxtel if you’re still a little behind), you may recall a moment of envy at a characters haircut. Don’t even try to deny it, we’ve all had a flicker of Wildfire dart across our eyes as Jamie Lannister waltzes in from stage left. It’s an undeniable fact. Game of Thrones serves good head.

Winter is coming, which means it’s time switch up your look. We go through the seasons to give you some inspiration so even if you have to perform your Walk Of Atonement, you can be sure you’ll look damn good.

Image courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO

Oberyn Martell

The Red Viper of Dorne is probably best known for his skills with a sword, his explosive temper and his robust sexual appetite. What he should be known for, though, is bringing back ‘The Caesar’ in a major way.

This particular hairstyle will suit a more distinguished gentleman, ideally with straight hair. It presents with an air of class while remaining casual enough to not appear pompous. Use a crème pomade sparingly to style and keep the natural shape. Less is more here.

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Image courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO

Jaime Lannister

The legacy of the Kingslayer’s hair is as intriguing as the man’s road to redemption itself. Beginning the show a thoroughly smarmy pretty boy, with locks that would (and did) send anyone into a tizzy, the Warden of the West preferred something a little preppier.

This cut works if you have a little length up top, and all you need is a small amount of crème pomade to give it some texture.

As the seasons progressed, the Son of Tywin opted for something a little more conservative. Being beaten to a pulp, dragged through the mud and undergoing the most painful hand job imaginable would be a sobering experience for anyone we’d daresay.

This look takes the cake as the most workable, as it suits a more everyday guy in 2019. Style with a pomade and go for either a slick back look or a more casual part.

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Image courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO

Tyrion Lannister

The crowd favorite from episode one for putting Joffrey in his place. This is the first and last time that name will be mentioned in this article by the way.

Tyrion has been rocking the same ‘do since day dot and we can’t blame him. This look is suited to guys who may have a slight follicle density issue, but still want to maintain some length. Textured looks are often the result of some layering in the hair. This also serves to create some volume, or at least the illusion of volume. This is good.

Next time you go in for a trim, ask whoever it may be behind the chair to add some layers. They’ll know exactly what you mean. Use some texture dust to finish the look and give the impression that you woke up like this.

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Image courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO

Jon Snow

What is, in our humble opinion, the best hair to grace television since Tom Sellecks turn in Magnum P.I, Jon Snow’s wavy, pitch black hair is the stuff of legend. While we can’t do anything about your genetics (sorry) we can help you get this look if you have a natural pre-disposition to curves.

You’re not going to want to mess around too much with what you already have going on. Use a product with a light hold to help tame the locks and give it some form. And that’s it! You’re now worthy of the Snow name. And we mean that in the nicest possible way.

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Image courtesy of Helen Sloan/HBO

Jaqen H’ghar

The only thing that isn’t a mystery about this man is that his hair is on point. “Valar Dohaeris.” All men must serve…Looks”. A misquote of a misquote, but you get the idea.

If you’re already rocking shoulder length, straight hair, this look might be perfect for you. Using nothing more than a once over with some sea salt spray to achieve a lived-in look is all you need. The silver streak is optional, though we’d recommend against this.

You are now truly worthy of the title of ‘no-one’.

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