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How many times have you thought about growing out your face fur? Well, now's the perfect time as Beard Season is upon us and men from all over the globe are growing out their beards for a cause.

Winter has well and truly arrived, and carried in tow are all of the seasons’ fancies from hot cocoa to woollen mittens. A romantic image to be sure, and one that pairs nicely with the lush follicle delights of a beard? Which, if you weren’t already aware, is the chillier season’s ultimate accessory.

A beard will set you apart from the pack to distinguish you as a gent of fine quality, and now, thanks to one MISTR Jimmy Niggles, has the power to save lives.

Formerly known simply as ‘Winter’, Beard Season is exactly that; a period spanning the season of winter where men are encouraged to sprout a face full of fur all in the name of melanoma awareness, a disease which strikes far too often in young men, particularly here in Australia. In the eyes of Beard Season ambassador and CEO Jimmy Niggles, a beard is so much more than just a few strands of wiry hair sticking out of your face. ‘The beard’ has become a symbol of positive change, and is in fact saving the lives of men weekly.

Let’s start at the beginning and in the words of Niggles himself.
“It all started after one of our best friends, Wes Bonny, died from melanoma aged 26. We all went to uni together, and he was one of our best friends, and we just had no idea that melanoma affected people so young. It’s one of the deadliest cancers for people aged 18 to 45, and a majority of those are men. At Wes’ wake, we came up with this idea of a “beard season”, inviting gentlemen to grow their beards from June till the end of August. Commit to getting a skin check and then commit to using their beard as a conversation starter. Not many blokes our age were growing beards back then.”

Under this assumed moniker, Niggles inadvertently started a movement. As time progressed, more and more people began taking up the challenge and attracted the attention of some of Australia’s heavyweights, from comedian Hamish Blake and more recently the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth.

“We now have ambassadors in over 24 countries, (have) amassed a community of over 80,000 people and (have) gained millions in earned media.”

All of these men are championing the movement underscored by Niggles simple yet ultimately powerful message.

Beard Season is having tangible, real-life outcomes left, right and centre. As the official Beard Season Instagram account can attest, the benefits of having your skin regularly checked outweighs any hesitations you may have. Early detection and prevention is key and the success stories of some are positively affecting the views of many. The message is catching fire.

If you’re interested in partaking in the challenge, it’s not too late. Head on over to and follow the signup process. You can also help support Jimmy in generating his idea to introduce “the world’s first national skin check program…putting yourself in the running for some epic prizes and Beard Season Trophies.”

To help see you through these next few months with your furry new friend, you’re already in the right place. We’ll see to it that you become the bearded beauty you we’re always meant to be.

For more information on your next skin check up and melanoma prevention, head to

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