Follow this guide for the hair of your dreams.

If you consider yourself a pomade man, you’re gonna need to broaden your horizons. But we hear you. Finding the right hair product by accident can feel like winning the Lotto and you’ll stick with it like anyone who’s married into the Kardashian train. Kudos to you.

For the rest of us, it can be a matter of hit and miss – especially when faced with the seemingly endless barrage of waxes, gels, mice (that’s the plural of mousse right?) and clays. But here’s the thing – your hair type should dictate your product selection as much as the style.

Before we get into that, a note on quantity. Here is the rule: short hair takes a dab/blob the size of a 10 cent coin, medium takes a 20c-sized coin, long hair a 50c. And always, always, rub the product for at least 20-30 seconds between your hands before applying. Gotta heat it up slightly to spread evenly.

Don’t want to be caught out with some mysterious goop in your hair. Believe us.

For straight hair:
You lucky bastards – the world is your styling oyster. One thing to be aware of is that straight hair – especially if it’s fine – can appear a little thin. That’s where matt clays, putties and waxes will turn up the volume just a smidge. You’re welcome.
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For wavy hair
Put that tub of gel down and back away. It will keep you dryer than the seats at a Neil Diamond concert. Ditto clays and waxes. What you want is a cream to add a touch of sheen to your wave.
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For curly hair
This is a higher plane of curl. Like your ex, it’s next level intense. And we’re not talking camping (dad joke bonus). This means it can be harder to manage. The key here is to add moisture, and lots of it. Stick with a purpose built, leave-in formulation that conditions while it styles. Having a small, purpose built Afro comb handy will also help manage the knots and frizz
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