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For the uninitiated, what is Bodyweight training?

Bodyweight training is training done using only your own body weight as resistance. No weights or machines are needed. This style of training is not only functional, but improves flexibility, mobility and injury prevention. It requires more muscles to work together and therefore achieve optimal results.

Where’s the best place to train?

The beauty of body weight training is that anywhere is the best place to train. I love training at a park or on the beach, but also when I am short on time or don’t want to go anywhere, I work out at home, either indoors or in the back yard. This training lets you do it anywhere! For bodyweight training, do I need weights? No weights are needed for bodyweight training. If you have access to a pull up bar, this allows you to add in more variety but you can definitely get in killer workouts with zero equipment.

I’m looking to shred/bulk up. How can I do this through bodyweight training?

Bulking up or shredding down can also be achieved with bodyweight training. It just requires a shift in movements and workouts but also diet and amount of food consumed plays the major part. To bulk up you want to increase your daily calorie intake so you are eating in a calorie surplus (eating more than what your body is burning) that way your body will put excess calories into building muscle tissue. If you are wanting to shred, you do the opposite and eat in a calorie deficit
(eating less than what you burn) so your body starts eating into fat
storage for energy. You may also decrease or increase the intensity of
your workouts depending on your body goals.

I got into bodyweight training because, after so many years at the gym  without getting the results I wanted, I got fed up. For so long I  thought weight lifting and gym work was the only way forward. I hit a  wall, never progressed but kept going because of this limiting belief.  Finally I took the plunge as I had had enough of being indoors in a  boring, stale gym environment. I took my workouts outside, changed my  training (all bodyweight) and saw MASSIVE results in 3-4 months. I did  the same with my wife who lost 20kgs in 6 months from living room  workouts after having our son and I knew I was onto something. Fast  forward 3 years and I’ll never go back, my body is better and is stronger  than ever before, no more niggling injuries and the freedom to exercise  on my terms is amazing! If you are bored with a gym or want more  flexibility in your training life then I can help you with my online 

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