Aug 29, 2019Mistr Co

“Success can be measured in different ways. I think, for me over the years, it’s changed. For a long time, I just loved doing what I do, and I focused on that without thinking about how that would relate to the rest of my life.

Then, as I got older and I had kids, I started to see how ‘success’ can also take you away from your personal relationships. Because when you’re working all the time, and if you’re devoting yourself to that, you have to figure out a way to balance it. For me, that sort of evolved into figuring out what was going to make me happy and how I’m going to feel good as a parent. And sometimes that means not being able to do everything you want to do professionally. That’s made me a lot happier as a person. For me, my relationship with my kids is something I get a lot of happiness out of. There’s success commercially or professionally or artistically—those are all different things even within those categories. And then there’s just, what is it that makes you
happy in life?”

Jenny Coony is a proud Australian export now working for The Hollywood Foreign Press. For more on Jenny’s work, visit jennycooney.com

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