How To Manage Deodorant Rash

How To Manage Deodorant Rash

Jan 14, 2022Lucien Fowler

A slick once over with a deodorant is a foremost grooming prerequisite most of us should have adopted during puberty, and one that you have hopefully maintained into adulthood. A common issue that many of us have with our deodorants, however, is one of sensitivity, namely a developing rash, itchiness, flaking and breaking of the sensitive skin under our arms. This reaction is a deterrent for many, and if you are included in this number, it may be time to switch out to a natural deodorant.

Natural deodorant for men allows your body to do its thing while also blocking the odors associated with sweat by restoring it with natural balancing fragrances. Natural deodorants keep odors at bay with pleasant smelling, antibacterial ingredients.

At MISTR we are dedicated to making sure men look, feel, and always smell their absolute best, without using harsh ingredients. This list features some of the finest men’s deodorants that are perfect for daily use.

SAlt & Stone

Salt & Stone’s range of deodorants combine Jojoba oil to sooth sensitive underarms, fused with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to condition and moisturise the skin. Their range comes in many different scents, including lavender and sage, vetiver and sandalwood, eucalyptus and bergamot, and santal.

baxter of california

Baxter of California deodorant uses no irritants to ensure that your underarms stay calm with a finely crafted combination of ingredients to soothe the skin and block odors. This deodorant goes on clear and dries quickly so you can continue your day with no fuss.

maison louis marie

Maison Louis Marie’s natural deodorant will protect your underarms and provide a nice fragrance free from baking soda and other irritants making this a perfect choice for those with sensitive underarms. This product also features the romantic scent of Sandalwood with a dominant Cedarwood accord that's supplemented by a spicy Cinnamon Nutmeg complex and earthy Vetiver note.

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