Feb 18, 2019Mistr Co

In terms of elegance, there’s simply no better cut. No matter whether you wear yours high and tight with a nod to the military, or a looser, preppier vibe. This style will see you right in pretty much any circumstance – CEO to court appearance.

In terms of the best face shape for a side part, squares, oblongs and triangles, come on down. Except with the last, keep it low and tight. Diamonds are fine too but make sure there is a bit of length on the sides or your ears will stick out like a wing nut.

Naturally, it all starts with your barber. And we mean a proper barber – not a stylist who brings you mineral water and washes your head using whatever the fuck ylang ylang is.

If you work in a fairly conservative space and don’t want anything too radical, skip the pompadour version or undercuts. If the opposite applies, then the opposite applies. If your barber doesn’t know the difference between the three pay whatever it is, you need to get out of there and find someone better.
Fades are at the edgier (pun intended) end of the side part spectrum, and require more maintenance. You’ll need to hit up the clip joint at least once every couple of weeks. Keeping it to a clipper number three will harness the classic Gary Cooper Hollywood vibe. Just a suggestion, but your call.

Another dimension you can alter is the part itself. For something razor sharp, the barber can actually cut it in using blades. Be careful here though as it can look a tad overdone/early Cristiano Ronaldo. Which is not a compliment. The alternative is something a little softer.

But how do you recreate the barber look at home? That’s the real question as the part that was so evident in the chair pretty much disappears in your bathroom mirror. It’s the goddamn clitoris of the scalp.

Here’s the trick. Dampen your hair and brush it forward. Then leave the house immediately. Kidding. Your part will run from your cowlick towards your temple. There will be clear lines on the scalp where the hair grows in different directions and hopefully just two. Brush the section on the side of your hair back and down. Brush the section on the top up and back. You will see a rough part form immediately.

Now it’s product time. What you want is a pomade offering a touch of sheen and strong hold so that you don’t have to re-comb during the day.
Apply no more than a splodge the size of a 50c coin between your palms, rub your hands together well to emulsify the ingredients – you don’t want clumping – and smooth onto your side parted hair. Use a comb to brush it through so it sits how you want it to. Then, and this is a crucial step so many men forget, set the whole thing in place with a hairdryer. It’ll seal the deal.

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