Jul 10, 2020Lucien Fowler

If there is one thing that Australian perfume house Mihan Aromatics excels in, it's distilling the true essence of Australiana down into tangible, wearable scents. Munlark Ash represents Mihan’s newest ingenious distillation and it succeeds in every aspect by calling forth the quintessence of antipodean feeling.

A scent is often hard to describe without having the person you’re describing the scent to experiencing it firsthand. You can know a scent for what it is, pull apart the notes and analyse its parts, but to experience it is something else entirely. For this reason, it’s hard to adequately represent Mulark Ash. I could tell you the fragrance opens with a warm welcome of bergamot and cypress. I could tell you that black pepper and fir needle make their presence known gleefully as the wear extends. I could also tell you that deep within the fragrance slumbers the inhalation of a woodsy cacophony in frankincense, vetiver and Himalayan cedar wood. But all that description is nothing compared to the experience of Munlark Ash.

At first captivating and deep, Mulark Ash mellows out to be soft and almost playful, reminding me of all my favourite memories growing up in the Australian outback. Fires on summer nights, forging new paths through the bush to get home faster, the sheer joy of being free in nature. Munlark Ash brought those treasured memories gushing back like an old friend.

Now, all that would be moot if the fragrance itself, the craft, did not hold up to the high standards set by its predecessors. My brief but pleasant time with Munlark Ash parfum, from a technical standpoint, shows that the fragrance wears exceptionally well. Lasting all day without being overbearing, with pleasant, lingering wisps for days post application. You will be asked about this fragrance, trust me, but you won’t be announcing your presence from a mile away.

Munlark Ash also comes in an oil variant which doesn't have quite the same staying power of course, however the chosen vehicle of Kakadu plum seed oil feels light on the skin and absorbs almost instantly, leaving your skin clean and soft.

At the risk of sounding banal, Mihan Aromatics have done it again. Munlark Ash is a benchmark in fragrance design, and by extension, a representation of what is achievable through a fragrance, namely its ability to transcend traditional descriptors. Munlark Ash is a memory, or feeling, bottled. It’s Australia at its most beautiful and blooming and rare and I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

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