May 04, 2020David Smiedt


Back in the day, grooming was all about working from the outside in. You put lotions and potions on your skin and awaited miraculous results. In recent years though, brands have realised that the inside out approach is just as vital and scrambled to release supplements. 

All of which puts them roughly two decades behind the team at Australian firm Body Science – aka BSC. 

In its early days – before any douchebag with a six pack reckoned he could be an influencer – BSC serviced elite athletes. Or to quote its website: “from 2002 onwards and a massive Grand Final win with the Sydney Roosters, we replaced the concept that elite teams need ‘beer and pie’ after a game with a demand for quality sport nutrition.” Initially we misread that as ‘bear and pie’ which is another post-game activity altogether.

Most suburban athletes naturally look to what gives the pros their edge and the brand expanded into clothing, muscle building, the beautifully euphemistic “weight management” just to mention a few. Its podcast and bodysciencetv portal has also ensured the Mistr crew are going to emerge post-Covid with our sanity and BMI in check. 

The first BSC product that caught our eye was the Collagen Regenerate Supplement. You chop out a thin line with your credit card, roll up a $50 note and then… Kidding. You add a tablespoon to your morning shake or coffee. 

Among those who hit the road, track and gym, collagen supports hard-working muscles, tendons and ligaments. An instant plus. But because your body produces less and less of it with time, a lack of collagen can lead to skin that is dull and droopy. Both of which would have made excellent additions to the Seven Dwarves just quietly. Point is, a collagen supplement will help your complexion bounce back from sun damage and other environmental stressors. Plus slow the appearance of natural ageing. 

True to the brand’s vibe, its coffee offering goes by the super sciency moniker Clean Coffee TX100. Which, incidentally is the same model number as the Terminator.

The single origin Colombian brew does not just provide 120mg of pure caffeine, it also includes apple cider vinegar to rev up your digestive system, medium chain triglycerides that nudge your metabolism to the fat burning – sorry “weight management” – zone and a herb called Bluenesse which lowers the stress hormone cortisol. A combo that none of your Illys, Segafredos, Vittorias or Lavazzas can offer. And no, you can’t taste the apple cider vinegar.

If you’re more of a tea man, BSC’s Clean Tea TX 100 – “come with me if you want to live” – blends kombucha with pre and probiotics resulting in better digestion and absorption of nutrients. But without the sugar and carbs of the dozens of ‘healthy’ kombucha offerings taking over your local supermarket. 


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