Apr 08, 2018Mistr Co


Deciding to pursue a dream and turning that dream into manifest is no easy feat. Passionate about health and Fitness, Matt Fox decided to take his destiny into his own hands and veer off the beaten path of a normal, cookie cutter life to pursue a career sought after by many.

Fox is extremely open about his battle with cancer and his driving force to “win”. A teachable moment with great significance, Fox is able to use this as a method of self-instruction to never give up, against all the odds, and march on to victory, which for Fox has been substantial.

Shifting the paradigm of the Fitness industry, Fox has taken the Gym out of the equation all together. Proving by way of example, Fox’s particular modus operandi is Bodyweight training, which has seen many under his tutelage achieve the body of their dreams.

With a rapidly expanding audience across a range of platforms and not a cynical bone in his body, Fox is a force to be reckoned with.


Jacket: COS
Pants: Saturdays New York
Jumper and trousers: Emporio Armani

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