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Setting out for a career in the international arena is an aspirational endeavour perused by thousands of Australians every year. It’s a lonely path to tread and takes an iron will to succeed. Most quit. To leave your family and friends behind to follow a dream? Many will tell you you’re crazy, and perhaps you need to be see it through.

Nick Youngquest is the exception to the rule. Beginning his career within the revered world of the NRL, Nick entered the playing field with all the trappings of an Australian Icon. Young, dashing and talented, Nick quickly became a favourite amidst the cacophony. Playing for the Sharks (a shire boy through and through) Dragons, Panthers and the Bulldogs as well as as for several U.K leagues in the span of his illustrious rugby career saw Nick enter into the hearts of adoring fans worldwide.

There comes a point though, a fork in the road, when you have to choose between a life of comfort and ease and to chase after the things that set your soul on fire. Nick chose the latter, hanging up his boots after a decade of playing the sport that provided him every success.

Leaving rugby to focus solely on his burgeoning career as a model, Nick went from strength to strength, working on campaigns with powerhouse brands like Abercrombie and Fitch.

Most notably, Nick’s presence grew to a fever pitch after becoming the face of Paco Rabanne’s  masculine  fragrance Invictus. This catapulted Nick into the public eye and cemented him as another successful Australian import. High demand met with a tenacity to achieve greatness. A recipe for success.

Nick talks extremely fondly of home and family, but also attests to the shift in paradigm between himself, and those who veered down the road of tradition. Two completely different sets of ideals.

The pairing of Moncler is extremely fitting for Nick, both literally and figuratively. An internationally recognised fashion label specialising in curating ranges that sit comfortably and quite naturally in the realm of spectacular and extravagant dressed on a man of equal measure. A fashion label for the movers and shakers.

Moncler’s new 1952 collection, which is featured here, includes a piece emblazoned with the words ‘Moncler freak’ in a similar fashion to the way you might see a university’s imprint sprawled over the chest. It’s this attitude or feeling that Nick embodies, and what singularly sets him apart. Being labelled a freak for trying, owning his shit, moving forward despite the odds, fighting despite the current and succeeding.

For Nick, who resides in New York City, life is now about more than just building his career. Finding great success has allowed him to venture into other passions, from becoming a qualified Yoga teacher to training for and completing five marathons. For Nick, the sky is the limit. Great things are sure to continue.

All clothing featured here is from Moncler’s 1952 collection.


-Maglia Hoodie – Moncler
-Maglione – Moncler
-Tricot Girocollo – Moncler 
-Pantalone 5 tasche – Moncler 
-Pantalone Sportivo -Moncler
-Joele Giubbotto – Moncler

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