MISTR Presents | The Skin Decoder

MISTR Presents | The Skin Decoder

Dec 07, 2020David Smiedt

Quizzes are an integral part of skincare for the informed purchaser or those wanting to address specific issues. Problem is they are more often than not provided to boost the bottom line of just the company asking the questions, which instantly channels you into a very limited number of options. Many of these, then, may not be exactly right for you. This is why we launched our very own Skin Decoder.

Going in, you need to know that the products it’ll recommend are sourced from multiple suppliers which allows the technology to pinpoint your specific needs with greater accuracy.

This is how it works. Starting with your skin feel at the beginning of the day - for example, tight or oily - it then tracks its behaviour to how it feels come bed time. The next factor taken into account is whether you’re rocking a beard, stubble or the equivalent of a Brazilian wax from the shoulders up. From there, you input a range of complexion needs. There are dozens to mix and match but some of the key players are hydration, blemish control, evening out skin tone right through to dark circles and so on. Crucially, skin sensitivities and allergies are the next factors thrown into the algorithm. Because if either are in your wheelhouse you’ll know how easily things can go wrong if you don’t give them their due respect.

Just as important is your age. As the years roll by, our complexions demand different formulations. For example, in your twenties, serums are less essential. However, when our bodies stop producing bulk collagen in our 30's, they become godsends. The amount of sun exposure your skin has been dealt with in the past and is likely to endure in the future is another question folded into the decoder mix.

The grooming industry as a whole has in recent years become highly aware of consumers’ demands for ethically produced ranges. What’s the point of looking great, if the formulations aren’t cruelty free, vegan, microplastic free, non-comedogenic or 100 per cent natural? Speaking of modern concerns, stress levels are also factored into the recommendations as it can have serious and often under acknowledged effects on the skin. As can the booze we so often use to alleviate it.

Pop in your address and the software does the rest, knocking you out a list that encompasses not only myriad brands but more importantly proper customisation to your needs. We’ll see you on the other side.

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