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important as brushing your teeth and as entrenched in Australian culture as a sausage sizzle on election day.

On your morning commute, stopping in at the first place you see, not quite awake, still shaking off the last of the cobwebs. Pulling an all-nighter for the 3rd time this month to meet deadlines, sipping at a cup of lukewarm coffee a half hour later that the barrister burnt (what ever happened to good training?) because, dammit you paid four dollars for this and didn’t you ask for skim?

A cup of coffee is a beacon heralding in the morning that most people overcharge and under deliver on. So what’s the alternative? The communal tin nestled in the poorly wiped down (Karen!) corner of the office sitting patiently to be fused and boiled to make a substandard alternative to ‘proper coffee’.

Such is the fate of instant coffee in a world dominated by cold brew and single origin. Such is the fate of instant coffee in a world where people would prefer to queue in the hustle and bustle to be served, in what is most often the case, a steaming cup of average. We’re not coffee snobs. We make no claim to be expert baristas or connoisseurs of fine hot beverages. But, surely there’s something better than this?

As it happens, there is.

Founded by best mates Luke Zocchi and Dylan Garft, SIPP instant is the instant coffee worth your time. Just add water.

Serving it up along the Byron coastline, the founders of SIPP have formulated a first of its kind coconut coffee containing all the probiotics your doctor has been so insistent on you taking. Trust us here, you’re going to want to heed their advice.

A globetrotting vocation led way to the need for a transportable, consistently good cup of coffee, one that was also healthy and had little impact on the planet. Developed by some of the top minds in the U.S, SIPP uses a sustainably sourced heat resistant bacillus coagulant (probiotic) meaning the probiotics in SIPP don’t activate until they hit your gut. SIPP also uses 6 organic, healthy grains designed to allow for a slow release of  nutrients and modulated absorption of caffeine. This essentially means you’re not going to experience the familiar ‘crash’ around lunch time. SIPP is guaranteed to keep you going all day long.

Each bag of SIPP comes in a package derived primarily from the eucalyptus tree. After 26 weeks, the bag is completely broken down and returned to the ether. For our planet, this is wildly beneficial. SIPP is 100% certified for home composability both here and in European territories.

With all that being said, SIPP is still first and foremost coffee. You’re still getting the same hit of caffeine you would from a standard cup of coffee (more if you opt for the ‘doubleshot’), it’s just being delivered to you in a way that is both more beneficial for you and our planet. SIPP will raise your immune system and lower your cholesterol. SIPP tastes great thanks to the coconut creamer and inclusion of Stevia, which only acts to deepen the flavor (you’re going to want to skip the sugar here)

SIPP does everything a standard cup of coffee can’t and never will. Trust us, you won’t regret making the switch.

For more on SIPP, and perhaps a bag or two, visit sippinstant.com

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