Jan 02, 2019Mistr Co

You can thank one Elvis Aaron Presley for the quiff. He didn’t invent it but sure as hell perfected it as he came catapulting out of the rockabilly and blues world of America in the 1950s. It was daring, it was bold and it needed a lavish amount of product to hold its impressive length in shape.
To this day, it conjures a brooding sense of rebellion. It has, however, moved on since the days when the King moistened your Nanna’s gusset. Sorry that was uncalled for.

Anyhoo, the point is that, true to its national origins, the quiff is one of the more democratic hairstyles around in that it suits most every face shape. What’s crucial here is length, structure and support, which means medium length, straight, thick hair.

When briefing your stylist, request enough length in front to create a sense of height when swept back. A shorter crown may help to enhance the effect. Keep enough length on the sides to prevent it from looking like a modest Mohawk and look for a neat taper at the back that skims the collar but no more.

To nail this style in front of your own bathroom mirror, a hair dryer and round brush are mandatory. Turn back and kick over the front. Then it’s time to apply product. You want something with shine to highlight movement and height but if your hair is thin, a grooming wax is preferable as it provides more tenacious root support. Work it through with the hands and then comb into place. Opt for the strongest hold you can find or it will turn flaccid by lunch. And no one wants that.

Be sure to cleanse well after using a high-hold, high-sheen product in the kind of quantities required to quiff properly as they can cause dandruff and scalp issues if not washed away properly.


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