Video conference grooming  tips

Video conference grooming tips

Mar 27, 2020Lucien Fowler

If you had predicted that 3 months into the new decade we would be experiencing a mandatory lockdown and working from home, then kudos. Not sure what kind of prize is befitting this level of foresight, but congrats. Your grooming routine may have suffered because of this, and in just a moment, I'll get into why this is not such a good thing.

I have been accused in the past of being both backhanded and underhanded, however I am completely capable of making a judgment without resorting to irony or cheap word tricks, so let me say this without a shred of satire: things got weird real fast.

If you had been working in any kind of corporate environment, chances are your work has migrated from the boardroom to the living room and you’ve traded in a suit for sweats. Power on brother.

If you’re anything like me, then this level of freedom is sending shockwaves of unyielding pleasure all the way up to the medulla oblongata. Your comfort levels have peaked at heights unfathomable just one month prior and for all intents and purposes, you could sink into that now considerable you-sized dent that’s been steadily deepening and call it a day.

However, thanks to the gods of modern ingenuity, we are more connected than ever. Skype, Slack, Zoom, Monday, Asana, Whatsapp…

In the time of social distancing, this means that you can still confer with your distant colleagues whenever a pressing(?) issue rears its head. This also means that you’re going to be seen by your colleagues. Unless you’re chill with them catching a glimpse of that 2-day old pizza stain on your shirt and a face so grimy Smeagol would shudder, then we suggest not letting your comfort win in favour of the regard of your teammates…at least from the waist up. Whatever goes on south of the boarder is your business.

Here are our grooming musts for staying on top of your game while working from home.



Dirt and sweat settle. You may think that working from home bars you from the usual grime build-up of a day in the office, however, stagnation breeds…well, stagnation. Investing in a solid cleanser with hydrating properties is step one in your at-home grooming kit. Give your face a little going over before bed and if you’re feeling extra diligent, a cleanse in the morning wouldn’t go amiss.


OK, we hear you. What the hell is a toner?

Toner is the kid in class with their hand held up begging to be heard, but ultimately ignored, as so many good ideas are. A good toner will strip the skin of dead skin cells, ease inflammation and give the skin a good dose of hydration. On top of this, a toner usually contains actives designed to tighten the skin. Bonus!


The step you’re probably most familiar with is also the one that is often neglected. We get it, moisturising is boring. Stocking up on a mattifying moisturiser will ensure you stay shine free and fresh during that four o’clock team check in. The long-term effects of a moisturiser are also proven in keeping your skin tight and youthful, so we suggest taking this virus-gifted opportunity to develop good skin habits.


Not what you had in mind? Totally get it. An addition of a sneaky concealer into your grooming routine has no analogue: a real miracle product. If you’re hesitant to give this one a try, think of a concealer as your cover companion for all things unsightly. Dark circles and spots begone. There really is nothing better for getting you camera ready. Check out our tips for applying.



So, as you’ve probably noticed, booking in with your barber is proving difficult. With most, if not all, hair salons and barbers temporarily shutting their doors, it’s time to put your hirsute dreams on ice for a moment. Still, styling up top is recommended. If you’re a week or two overdue (or more) grab some putty and go to town…so to speak. Don’t actually go to town #stayhome.


If you work in an environment where a tuft of facial hair is the equivalent of wearing ass-less chaps, then by all means take this time to let grow. But that comes with a caveat: facial hair is unruly left untouched. It can take on a life of its own and completely domineer your otherwise pristine complexion. If you want to grow and show, then we’ve got you covered for both perfecting your stubble game and keeping your beard in shape and healthy.


This step is entirely optional and more for your benefit and those closest to you. Giving yourself a quick spritz can help you get your mind set right. But, like we said, completely optional.


As any influencer can attest to, where and how you take your painstakingly curated photo can make a world of difference. This applies double applies to where you set up your webcam. Your team will be seeing your face and only your face in sparkly SD taking up a fair amount of real estate on their respective screens. If you’ve been following the steps above, then you should be presentable. But not enough light, too much light, a dirty backdrop, and all that work goes to waste. Try setting up opposite a window for some natural light and if possible, rest your laptop at a position that puts the webcam just above eye level. Looking good.

As we adjust to our new situations, setting up a routine and sticking to it can go a long way to helping us normalise. Sure, looking fresh on your next conference call is going to get you brownie points, but setting up these habits now can help in a big way for your mental state.

Your skin care routine isn’t going to make or break you, but it will make things more tolerable. If you’re in the market for any of the products mentioned here, check out our top picks below.

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