The Best Sheet Masks For Men

The Best Sheet Masks For Men

Feb 05, 2020Mistr Co

Everyone from Cristiano to Kourtney has taken to Instagram with photos of themselves in sheet masks.

Sheet masks have been one of the biggest trends in the grooming world in recent years and with good reason.

Made from cellulose, cotton or paper and, when on, resembling something a particularly well moisturised bank robber might wear, there is certainly a novelty factor at play.

But beyond that, sheet masks are effective for two reasons. The first is that they are drenched in active ingredients and the second is they don’t evaporate.

Wear your sheet mask for no more than 20 minutes (remember to remove before taking out the garbage so you don’t frighten the neighborhood kiddies) and get your money’s worth by placing them on clean, exfoliated skin. Twice a week max.



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