Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips

Jun 01, 2022MISTR

It goes without saying that winter’s cooler months create optimal conditions for dry skin.

Likewise, it’s a given that a single daily application of moisturiser is no longer going to cut it. In much the same way that we adjust our wardrobe to suit the season, our skincare should change to suit the winter months too.

Here are our best skincare tips for alleviating dry winter skin.


Winter has a way of bringing out our inner glutton – perhaps as a kind of self-soothing – which, with darker skies, cooler climes and an increasing penchant for time spent indoors, can result in inadvertent dehydration. Drink at least two litres of water a day and consider adding a supplement with omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids to your daily intake to help your dry winter skin retain moisture for longer.


The allure of a scalding hot shower on a mid-winter’s morning can be too tempting to pass up, but it can be detrimental for dry winter skin. Hot showers aren’t great for our skin at the best of times, as hot water can dry out our skin and cause irritation. Keep your showers short and the water tepid to avoid this. If you can keep your face out of the flow, that’ll be even better. Shower time won’t be as pleasant, and you're probably not going to want to stay in there too long, but at least you’ll be saving water too.

While we’re circling the drain here, let’s talk soap. Most bar soaps contain fragrance and synthetics that dry out our skin. Opt for a bar soap with glycerin, or better yet, pick up a body wash with ‘non-drying’ in its list of features. Look for ingredients like vitamin E and aloe-vera.


While our skin is prone to sensitivity during winter, it’s best to bypass any products that can aggravate our dermis. Go for gentle, non-invasive treatments with active ingredients designed to nourish and lock in moisture. Twice daily moisturising is a must and the addition of a serum like hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine for winter will help bolster the effects.

Don't forget about the lips either. Our lips have no natural defence from the elements and, as such, are prone to drying out and cracking. Make sure you have a stick of lip balm handy at all times, even if you think you won’t need it. Look for lip balms made with beeswax, which is naturally high in vitamin A to help cell production turnover for increased healing and protection.


It bears repeating that even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays can still penetrate and harm our skin. Don’t let dark clouds lull you into a false sense of security. Apply SPF 15 or above before you head out to avoid an unseasonably red complexion. For ease, look for an SPF-infused moisturiser and kill two birds with one stone.


As a final defence for dry winter skin, treat yourself to a once or twice-weekly moisture bomb in the form of a face mask. Despite the hype, face masks actually work wonders and can be a saving grace for dry, uncomfortable skin. Keep a pack or two handy at all times.

Cold weather has the potential to cause serious damage to our skin, drying us out and leaving our skin worse for wear. This doesn’t have to be the case, provided you take some cautionary steps. Your winter skincare routine should, at a bare minimum, consist of a twice-daily moisturiser, plenty of water, some hyaluronic acid and, to top it off, a face mask twice a week.


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