At MISTR we are dedicated to providing products that enable men to address any skin concerns in order to keep up appearances and be the best versions of themselves. This is why we have strategically handpicked the finest makeup products including the best concealer for men to make sure that our customers look fresh and feel confident in their own skin.

MISTR is your online retail destination for men’s makeup products. We like to keep it simple; our entire skincare philosophy is built around a straight-forward and easy-to-follow routine. If you are unsure where to start, take a look at our no-makeup makeup kit, our introductory makeup set suitable for daily use.

Create a skincare and makeup regime from our distinct range of products, whether you are shopping for yourself or for someone else. No matter your age, you can benefit from developing a regimen for your skin – it will keep your skin looking better, fresher, and youthful. MISTR believes that looking after your appearance is about good health, confidence, and feeling incredible.

Concealer for Men

Life’s stresses have a way of creeping their way into (or rather onto) your complexion. Bags, puffiness, and dark circles broadcast to the world that you’re overworked and overtired. Concealer can rectify this. If the idea of using makeup turns you off, then we suggest reframing your point of view. Think of a concealer for men as something that will instantly shift your look from tired and saggy to fresh and lively. A concealer is your new best friend. Concealer for men to use is also a great way to instantaneously cover unwanted blemishes.


American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau once said, “It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate”, here at MISTR, we are loyal to helping men feel sleek, fresh, and confident in their own skin by providing the top makeup products for men.

At MISTR you can find specially curated makeup products for men, with hydrating tinted sunscreens, lightweight concealers, beard fillers and brow definers, each chosen for their deluxe formulations, sleek packaging, and ability to meet our high standards. We sort through the maze of men’s makeup products to find high-performance products to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

Skin Decoder by MISTR

When it comes to makeup and skin care products for men, it is vital that you purchase the right products that will address your main concerns. Understanding how your skin works is the start of curating a great skin care routine. MISTR is dedicated to providing you with guidance on the right skin care and makeup products for men that match to your unique needs.

This is where our Skin Decoder comes into play. By just answering a few simple questions, our advanced algorithm analyses each product’s attributes, ingredients, and special features to find the products that are suited to you. Why not give it a try, and then speak to us about what we can do to give you the best possible make up products for your daily needs?