MISTR is your online destination if you are looking for a men’s grooming kit that addresses all your skin concerns to help you be the best version of yourself and keep up appearances. We are serious about skincare and ensure that our products are the best of the absolute best.

Proper skin care and grooming should be a daily priority for men. A well-defined skin care routine is more than washing your face while showering, it is a regimen designed to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. At MISTR, we like keep it simple, our entire skincare philosophy is built around a straightforward, easy-to-follow skincare routine. If you are unsure where to start, take a look at our men’s grooming kits, packed with all the essential products you need to cover your myriad of grooming needs. From skincare essentials and no-makeup makeup kits, to shaving sets, MISTR has the men’s grooming kit that is right for you.

Create a self-care routine from our diverse range of men’s grooming kits, whether you are shopping for yourself or for someone else. No matter your age, you can benefit from developing a grooming regimen for your skin – it will keep your skin looking better, fresher, and youthful. Self-care is about good health, confidence, and feeling phenomenal.


American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau once said, “It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate”, here at MISTR, we are committed to helping men feel sleek, and confident in their own skin by delivering the best grooming products for men. MISTR has just one simple purpose in mind; we want to present the finest male skincare brands globally to the Australian market.

At MISTR you can find specially curated grooming products for men, with gym bag essentials, shaving sets, skin-care essentials, each chosen for their luxurious formulations, lustrous packaging, and ability to meet our high standards. We sort through the maze of men’s grooming products to find high-performance products to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

It’s at this point that we should mention that while we were founded on the desire to find the best in men’s grooming, there are MISTR essential kits for her, too, with self-care must-haves, skin care staples and aromatic perfume for an additional touch of luxury.

Skin Decoder by MISTR

When it comes to choosing the right men’s grooming kit, it is important that you invest in the right products that will address your main concerns. Understanding how your skin works is the start of curating the perfect skin care routine. MISTR is committed to providing you with guidance on the right men’s grooming kit that match to your unique needs.

This is where our Skin Decoder comes into play. By just answering a few simple questions, our advanced algorithm analyses each product’s attributes, ingredients, and special features to find the products that are suited to you. Why not give it a try, and then speak to us about what we can do to give you the best possible skin care products for your daily needs?