Baxter of California | Clay Pomade


2 oz / 60ml
  • Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade is a godsend for those dealt with the scant card of thinner, straighter hair. A clay pomade shines in its ability to volumise your tresses and is perfect for achieving that easy-breezy ‘woke up like this’ look we’re all secretly trying to pull off. With a strong hold that’s still pliable for restyles throughout the day, make every day a good hair day.

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Great for thin hair

This is a review for other Asians who have difficult hair, not the hair models that could make anything work. The product doesn't work well for the average thick Asian hair if you plan to style it against the natural direction your hair grows (e.g. styling your hair back for typical disconnected undercuts, etc.). The hold just isn't strong enough by itself. I want to start this review by stating that unless a product significantly impresses me, I do not give out a perfect score or rating. With that being said, this is by far the best hair styling product I have ever used. I have been styling my hair with a short, spiked (messy) look for about 5 years. I have relatively thin black hair with not much volume. My hair is long up top with short sides. If I don't put anything in my hair my hair is flat and boring. I've used many hair products to help compensate for my lack of volume. From gel to pomade and even just conditioner, nothing really helped. If I do use product, it seems to wear out easily and won't keep my hairdo I've spent so much time on. I thought I found the right product in the American Crew line, but when I tried this Clay pomade by Baxter, I've never touched anything else. The product itself smells great and can easily be washed out of your hands and hair. It also is kept in a great quality glass container. I like the matte look from this clay pomade and helped keep my hair up throughout the day. I've gotten many compliments on how my hair looks and smells. I take a shower every morning and do my hair, even if I don't go out, because otherwise my hair would annoy the F*** out me and just hang over my face. I usually style after I've changed and towel dried my hair. I find it easier to style when my hair is a little wet, but not damp. If my hair has dried up already, I can just run my hands through the water and shake it around my hair to moisten it up. I like my hair more natural looking and I usually just use my fingers to run my hair back to a more casual and natural comb back style. A little goes a long way. I can run my fingers through my hair throughout the day and still keep the shape I want. I can't do that with anything else. My hair keeps the volume I want and actually keeps it up the whole day. Other products would fail me mid day and even flatten out.Best hair product I've ever used. It has a matte finish that works great with dark hair - doesn't give that shiny/oily look. A little goes a long way with this stuff. Less than 1/4 of the jar has lasted me almost an entire year. When I ride my motorcycle, I hate when my helmet flattens out my hair and stays flat. With other products I've used, I can never get my hair back to the way I wanted. With Baxter's Clay Pomade, I can take my helmet off, run my fingers through my hair no problem, and bring it to the way I wanted without adding anything. I absolutely love Baxter's Clay Pomade. After years of trying various types of products with all types of different hair styles, I can honestly say that this will be the product I will use for the rest of my life.... or until I go bald.

Love the powder

This is such a great company and a great brand of pomade for men. This clay pomade is easy to work into my hair. My hair is thicker and the pomade allows me to style it the way that I want. A little goes a long way. So it lasts for quite a while. You don’t have to worry about your hair losing its shape either throughout the day. I definitely recommend this brand.

Firm hold, natural look

This clay pomade provides firm hold for short and medium length hair with a matte finish which gives hair a natural look. If you are looking to style your hair without a shiny or greasy appearance this product is for you. It works best by applying to damp, towel dried hair which you can either air dry, or, as I prefer, style with a hairdryer. A small amount goes a long way. Best product on the market