Grown Alchemist | Blemish Treatment Gel

Salix-Alba, Boswellia | .5oz 15ml
  • Utilising antioxidants to calm the skin while salicin is delivered straight to the problem area as a natural anti-bacterial agent, this treatment will eradicate the sign of a breakout without harming the skin or sucking it of moisture. Keep a bottle handy for spot treatment any time you feel the tingling call of a blemish coming on.
  • Gel formulation to target blemishes and impurities.
  • Salix Alba Extract contains rich Polyphenol Antioxidants that visibly calm the skin and Salicin a powerful natural anti-bacterial agent that noticeably treats breakouts and blemishes. Triterpenoids (Boswellia Acids) from Boswellia provide antiseptic and cell regenerative properties beneficial for treating blemishes. Guaiazulene from Blue Cypress noticeably decongests the skin, visibly reduces pore size and helps prevent blemish formation due to its anti-bacterial properties. Bisabolol from Chamomile and Arnica Extract Flavonoids noticeably reduce inflammation, calm and soothe the skin while providing anti-bacterial properties.

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Why Moisturise?

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Love this

Absolutely love this product. Does wonders!!! My skin has some cystic acne so that it somewhat helps with but any other spots it works great!

Really worls

While I don’t have to fight major breakouts regularly, when I do, they are sore, cystic pimples. The smart pump bottle allows you to control the amount so you have no waste. Dabbing this on overnight under my night cream I always can SEE & FEEL the result in the morning. The inflamation is dramatically reduced, soreness less & the size of the pimple is smaller and much more dried out, with continued use over the next day or so the pimple is gone and much more manageable. Definetly worth the try!

A must for blemish prone skin

I use this every morning as my daily serum to keep breakouts at bay, because my skin has been quite prone to blemishes in the past. Since using this for about 6 months, my skin has improved dramatically and on the occasion that I do break out, this serum helps dry the blemish out and clear it up fast! This product has definately made a huge difference for me!