Salt & Stone | Natural Deodorant | Eucalyptus & Cedarwood

Natural Deodorant Stick | Cedarwood | 3.3 oz 94g
  • A long lasting, all natural and vegan underarm deodorant with eucalyptus and cedarwood.
  • We all sweat. It’s one of the things that unites all of us. We know, weird to say, but true. For all the myriad products out there that promote the complete blocking of sweat, we encourage you to stop and consider veering in a different direction. Our bodies need to sweat to release the bad stuff and regulate our temperature. So, granted, sweating isn’t ideal, but we should be working with our bodies not against it. Salt & Stone’s natural deodorant does exactly that, by allowing our body to do its thing whilst also blocking the odors associated with sweat and replacing it with the grounding fragrance of cedarwood and eucalyptus. With Jojoba oil and vitamin E to sooth sensitive underarms vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to condition and moisturise the skin.
  • *Caprylic/capric Triglyceride, *Tapioca Starch, *Ozokerite Wax, **Magnesium Hydroxide, *Sodium Bicarbonate, *Coconut Oil, *Shea Butter, *Hyaluronic Acid, *Lactobacillus Acidophilus, *Natural Fragrance.

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