The Grey | Turn Wrinkles Away Supplements

60 capsules
  • High potency combination of nutrients to promote youthful skin.
  • In just the same way that exercise and diet are both half the equation to achieving optimal health, so too can this rule be applied to skincare. What we put in our bodies to nourish is just as important as what we put on the outside, maybe even more so. Our topical skincare can only go so far, and if your diet is lacking, your skin will be lacking too. The Grey have conceived a revolutionary product to round out your skincare regime with the Turn Wrinkles Away supplement. Cutting the fat from the Daily Vitamin Intake System to keep only the essentials for more youthful skin, Turn Wrinkles builds its foundation on collagen and ingestible hyaluronic acid.

    Good to know

    As with all good things, the benefits of taking these vitamins will not be immediately apparent. Take for the full course and enjoy the process.

  • beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) 7,8 mg = 650 µg 81% (RDA), niacinamide (vitamin B3) 40 mg 250 % (RDA), vitamin C 120 mg 150 %(RDA), vitamine E 20 mg 166 %(RDA), alfa lipoic acid 300 mg, Aloë vera leaf (powder) 200 mg, collagen150 mg, green tea leaf 100 mg, grape seed extract 100 mg, green coffee bean extract 100 mg, L-glycine 100 mg, turmeric (95 % curcuminoids) 50 mg, L-glutathione 20 ml, resveratrol (extract from Polygonum cuspidatum 10 mg, beta-caroteen 8,8 mg hyaluronic acid 5 mg, lycopene 2 mg

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