Current Beard Trends, Explained

Current Beard Trends, Explained

Oct 12, 2021MISTR

It is no secret that beards have recently made a comeback with more and more men experimenting with facial hair. A beard will set you apart from the pack and has the remarkable ability to change your whole aesthetic.

If you are sitting (or standing) there thinking ‘beards are not my thing’, well think again – we are here to tell you that there is a beard style for every man!

the classic

The classic beard is for those brave men who can commit to facial hair. Your classic beard should be not too long, not too short, and should provide thick coverage. Keep in mind this style does not suit everyone. We recommend accompanying this beard with a youthful haircut which will allow you to provide a modern twist to the classic look.

The 5 O’clock Shadow

The 5 O’clock shadow, or stubble beard, is as short as a beard can get. The style is classic, timeless, and always looks good. David Beckham is one of the many notable men that have made the stubble a staple in men’s grooming, and we don’t see this style going away anytime soon.

Fade Haircut with Beard

If you are looking for a hairstyle to compliment your beard, opt for a fade haircut. Fades provide a well balanced and modern vibe to facial hair. The cool aspect about a fade haircut is that it relies on precision, meaning that it can handle longer beards and will balance out your looks.


Once you hit that six-inch mark, you can proudly say that you are officially in long beard territory. These long beards are not for the faint hearted, they truly take a lot of patience and commitment to grow. To maintain an exquisite long beard, it is important to invest in the right products, such as a beard oil, to provide hydration and nourishment and promote healthy hair growth.


If you are trying to stay cool in the summer, but still want to maintain that luscious beard you have worked so hard in growing, then a short beard is a style for you. Short beards offer the perfect opportunity to start something new, while still maintaining the tough, rugged, masculine facial hair. For a short beard, keep the hair on the cheeks, and neck trimmed short and combed neatly. Regular maintenance is a must to maintain a sleek and polished beard.


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