Aug 26, 2019Mistr Co

This week in anticipation of Father’s day, MISTR is exploring what it means to embark on the journey of Fatherhood with writer and co-founder of The Father Hood, Andrew McUtchen. Every day we will be sharing the stories of some of the dad’s featured in The Father Hood and taking a closer look at what it means to be a dad.

From Andrew on how The Father Hood came to be:

“It all started on a boat with Thor and Jason Bourne. Through a bizarre twist of fate, I’d somehow ended up spending three days on a boat in Monaco with Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon for work. It was on that boat that I had this ‘dad moment’, where things I had been thinking about for a long time sort of started to crystallise for me. All we talked about was family and life strategy. How Matt Damon will never hire a nanny again because his kids were so traumatized by the loss of their first nanny. How Chris Hemsworth has decided that he’s done with trying to structure having a family around his career, so he’s now decided to structure a career around his family. Everyone was off the leash—there were no kids around—yet all we talked about was our lives as dads, and how foregrounded, how primary that role was in the way we manage our careers, structure our time and live our lives. Yes, those guys have more money than we’ll ever dream of. But they’re still struggling with their own family dramas as dads. It made me realise what a universal thing this is. And then Jeremy sent me an email…”

Andrew McUtchen began his career as a journalist, writing for GQ, The Age and QANTAS before moving into the publishing world, founding ‘Story Matters Most’.

For more on Andrew and The Father Hood, visit the-father-hood.com

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