Apr 02, 2019Mistr Co

Does a cold beer feel like a punch to the face? Is ice-cream as verboten as texts from the ex?

You’re dealing with one of two things here. The first is a filling you’ve neglected. Especially if the pain is localised.

If it’s more like a general agony, sensitive teeth are the issue. You could swear off extreme temps and avoid the jolts but there’s more to life right? Here’s what you need to toughen up, snowflake.

The cause of this pain is dentine, a softer layer below the enamel. When it’s exposed, it brings the pain. Especially when it comes into contact with the hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in some whitening products.

You can also do with some change ups to your brushing routine. If you only brush once a day, double it as this will help remineralise your teeth. That said, keep the pressure gentle and the brush itself soft bristled.

Be mindful of your brushing routine after food – especially if what you’re eating has an acidic bend such as juice, vinegar and salad dressings.

Give it at least half an hour and rinse your mouth with water beforehand as residual acid can damage softened enamel.

Sensitive teeth can also come about if you clench or grind during sleep. And bear in mind we’re still talking about your teeth here.

Score yourself one of those oh-so-sexy rubber mouthguards. We know it’s not pretty, but help you it will. Not sure if you clench or grind? Ask your partner. They’ll set you straight. Don’t have a partner? That’s beyond the scope of this article.

Finally, get yourself some toothpaste specifically designed for sensitive teeth. Like every other segment of the grooming market, it has rapidly developed in recent years to boast way more effective solutions via low-abrasion formulas. Marvis, for example, has developed their recipe to be gentle on the teeth and gums. Also check out the Sensodyne website which can run you through an online check up to guide to you the best products.

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