How to deal with 'lockdown skin'

How to deal with 'lockdown skin'

Jul 15, 2021Lucien Fowler

We are now almost a month deep in a government mandated lockdown during what I’m casually calling a mini apocalypse. If you’re anything like me, then your taste for block cheese and midnight ventures to the refrigerator have developed into full blown habits. This, coupled with my now daily ten hour marathon of bashing keys behind a thin, bezeled screen five feet from my bed has resulted in a less than stellar dermis. For me, my skin has been the biggest loser of the covid-19 pandemic. This is due in equal measure to the slipping of my own erstwhile skincare routine and the lifestyle adjustment that ensued following the news that we would no longer be dining out.

My skin, much like (probably) yours, could do with a tune up. The great indoors is no place to foster a glowing complexion. If you have found yourself in the position I am currently in (overdue for a haircut and in desperate need of vitamin D) then the below will serve as a constitution to amend and remedy the month of inactivity. These are the things you can do right now to cure Lockdown Skin.


Before you blame your skin condition on any external factors, it’s a good idea to start first with what you’re putting in your body. This pandemic has, at least in me, bread a newfound love of all that is greasy. The appeal of having food delivered to my doorstep without the need to venture out into the world is tantalising and has resulted in many late-night feasts. Strike 1. Focus on getting as many green, leafy vegetables down your gullet as possible and drink at least two litres of water a day as a start. Stick primarily to whole grains, fresh meat, fish, eggs and a balanced diet if you can. Foods with high levels of grease and sugar spur on our production of sebum, leading to a greater chance of breakouts. A no brainer, of course, but let’s cover off all bases.

here comes the sun

If we can dodge UV rays (UV A and UV B), sunlight becomes a major proponent for healthy, glowing skin. Taking a step out, fully sunblocked, into the patio/balcony/porch and being in natural light activates a chemical in our skin that essentially kills the bad bacteria. On top of that, a little sun is going to boost your serotonin levels which can help elevate your mood. That might sound a little woo woo, but trust me, take a minute or two to sit in the sun today. Your skin will thank you.

but what about skincare?

Now comes the fun part. To help improve our skins condition, there is a smorgasbord of topical treatments we can lather on in good measure. The introduction of a vitamin A treatment into your routine will radically improve your skins turnover of cells, which for you means a fresher complexion for longer. Vitamin A also keeps oil at bay and helps reduce inflammation. A great, inexpensive vitamin A treatment is The Ordinary’s Granactive Retinoid.

Vitamin C, assuming you adhere to its somewhat temperamental nature, will help brighten up and even out our skin tone, making dull skin stand out. Vitamin C is also great for improving our skins collagen production, keeping our skin plump and healthy. A cautionary note on vitamin C: spot test before you use. For those with sensitive skin and skin conditions (such as rosacea) using a vitamin C serum would be ill advised. For a no-nonsense vitamin C serum, check out The Ordinary’s vitamin C suspension which can be incorporated into your routine before a moisturiser and after serums. NOTO’s deep serum will give you a little more bang for your buck, with a host of other ingredients designed to promote overall healthy skin.

slip, slop, slap

Now, it might sound counterproductive to wear a sunscreen indoors, however what I’m going to say next may shift your thinking. Recent studies have shown the blue light emitted from your computer/phone/tablet screen can be damaging to our skin, primarily lessening our skins ability to produce collagen, leading to pigment changes and wrinkles. Crazy right? For those working-at-homers getting a compounded dose of blue light, you may want to consider applying an SPF before your daily commute to the living room, lest you suffer the blue lights destructive effects on your skin. For an easy incorporation of SPF, check out Baxter’s oil free SPF moisturiser.


Our skin, understandably, may have taken a back seat in terms of importance during this pandemic. We have bigger fish to fry, so to speak. Though if you’ve been paying attention, you hopefully won’t be frying anything for a while. I digress.

With the world slowly opening back up, now’s the time to get back on top of your skincare game and restore your visage to its previous glory. Eat right, use the right kit and get in the sun. Easy.

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