How To Get Oily Skin Under Control

How To Get Oily Skin Under Control

Sep 13, 2021David Smiedt

Oily skin isn’t the sole province of teenagers. Adults of all ages can experience oily skin. The condition needn’t be a lifelong burden with careful management and an understanding of the factors that can trigger it.

Oily skin is caused by a number of factors – lifestyle, hormonal fluctuations and genetics – but they all manifest in the same way. It’s called sebum, an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands, and oily skin occurs when too much of it is produced.

It’s only when this substance clings to dead skin cells and clogs the pores that issues can arise.

While it may be tempting to apply as many astringents and harsh soaps as possible, doing so can strip away too many of your skin’s natural oils, causing it to go into protective overdrive and produce surplus sebum that causes more blockages.

The key is balance and the right kit.

It may be helpful to invest in an electric cleansing tool to use in tandem with a gentle daily cleanser that will remove more debris than your hands alone ever will without unduly stressing the skin.

Before you fire it up, hit oily skin with a pre-cleanser that contains vitamin E, a known sebum dissolver. Follow this with a cleanser that includes kaolin clay, which absorbs oil rapidly.

Moisturising is vital as it keeps things in balance. The best moisturiser for oily skin will include the words mattifying or oil-free on the packaging.

If outbreaks persist, hit them with a spot treatment. Blotting sheets can also be used in a pinch to absorb excess oil that’s produced during the day.

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