How To Keep Blackheads In Check

How To Keep Blackheads In Check

Apr 29, 2024MISTR

Blackheads & sebaceous filaments or the ‘little black dots’ that pepper the tip of the nose and radiate across the T-zone are often seen as unfavourable facial adornments, and, fair enough of course. These suckers get a bad rap and carry a certain stigma with them, namely that the skin is unclean and untreated. These little black dots, or sebaceous filaments as they referred to in skincare literature, are really just a build of dirt, dead skin cells and debris that have accumulated in the pores making them appear larger. The lovely colour that serves to highlight these further comes from an oxidisation of the amalgam of oil, dirt and debris.

While this build up can lead to inflamed skin, breakouts and other skin conditions, in and of itself its not a major problem…so long as its dealt with before casual onlookers start to notice.

The skin is a powerhouse of self-sufficiency, producing oils that carry with them a combination of compounds like squalene, fatty acids and glycerol that serve to keep the skin healthy, moisturised, protected and balanced. It’s only when we allow the oil to build-up in excess when issues arise.

Building out your skincare routine to work in tandem with your skins natural function is key to keeping this build up in check, particularly if you’re oil prone. With the inclusion of the below skincare active ingredients, you can be sure you’re dealing with the build-up before it becomes a problem.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acids are a skincare mainstay with many products putting the ingredient front and centre. Salicylic acid breaks down and dissolve the oil build up in pores leading to cleaner, fresher looking skin. While extended, consistent use of a strong salicylic acid formula isn’t recommended, especially if you have sensitive skin, a great way to make sure you feel the benefits is with a cleanser containing salicylic acid.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has consistently been shown to reduce oil production in the skin making it a go-to for sebaceous filament build up prevention. Vitamin A is also particularly effective for those looking to harness its anti-ageing or anti-breakout benefits. By quickening our skin’s cellular reproduction and function, vitamin A can help improve our complexion overall.


Niacinamide is found in many topical skincare treatments these days. Close to a cure-all, niacinamide can be used for a host of different skin conditions ranging from hyperpigmentation to acne. Niacinamide is also an excellent choice for oil production control as it quells an overactive sebum yield.

A Word on Usage...

The great thing about vitamin A and Salicylic acid is that they can be used in tandem to treat the skin. However, it’s best to split them into your AM and PM routine respectively. As niacinamide is gentle on the skin it can be incorporated into your routine as you see fit.

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