Apr 03, 2019Mistr Co

Your shower will tell you that you’ve overdone it – the once gentle caress of the water is now like pin pricks. Add to that a face that feels tighter than your average Real Housewife’s and what you’re undoubtedly dealing with is a case of sunburn.

But, you already knew that, yeah? We won’t judge – you know the risks as well as we do, and we’re still making that mistake from time to time. But how do we as men recover from sunburn?

Relax, we’ve got your soon-to-be peeling back. The first thing to realise is that your body needs to heal from both the inside out and the outside in.

On the first score, you’ll need water, and lots of it. Make it iced and lower your core temperature. But, room temperature water is ingested more effectively and will hydrate you faster. The choice here, my friends, is yours.


So far so obvious right? Ease up with the muscle shirts too champ, as contact with fabric can underline the inflammation your damaged skin is already dealing with.

Next up, pop a couple of anti-inflammatories like Advil. It will not only counter pain but also take the redness down a notch.

If you pop those tempting blisters, you’re pretty much laying out the welcome mat for infection. Instead, soak a cloth in cold milk (trust us) and place it over the burn for five minutes.

Cow juice is a proven anti-inflammatory while the cool temperature causes the blood vessels to contract making the skin less stop sign-ish.

Now it’s time to hit the tub. Add some lavender to remove the sting, baking soda to dampen redness and a dash of anti-inflammatory apple cider vinegar. Your sun burnt skin will be in heaven

A thick barrier cream is your next step but read the label first. Avoid the following; Petroleum, lidocaine, or benzocaine as well as retinoids, glycolic acids and exfoliators. All of these only act to exacerbate the sunburn.

Go for something plain, unscented and including aloe extract. Now repeat for the next several days and think about what you’ve done. The skin will peel when what’s beneath it has fully healed, so don’t waste time trying to hasten the process. Your sunburn will soon be a distant memory.


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