Apr 30, 2018Mistr Co


Presenting himself with all the gusto of a Torero (that’s a Matador to all the uninitiated), Brent Wilson epitomizes the phrase, cool, calm and collected.

A fashion designer first and foremost, Brent injects all the sensibilities of a gentleman’s lifestyle into his bespoke pieces.

As comfortable behind the wheel at Bathurst as he is proficient with tailors tape, Brent has deservedly earned his claim as the leading supplier of made-to-order suits in Sydney, no small feat by any counts. A rigorous and meticulous attention to detail has men clamouring to ascertain the feeling his suits impart on the wearer; one of luxury cars, motorcycles and extravagant events.

Wilson’s unwavering ethos of supplying men with quality design without sending them broke has set the eponymous brand apart from a now saturated market. Whether this is your maiden voyage in the seas of made-to-measure attire, or you’re a veteran to this world, Wilson is ready to supply you with one-of-a kind service, no matter your taste or proclivities.

Having won the coveted GQ designer of the year award among a multitude of other accolades, Brent has solidified his position as one of Australia’s finest designers.

All items worn are designed by Brent Wilson

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