May 23, 2019Mistr Co

A man as synonymous with the Bondi coastline as the water itself, Jimmy is somewhat of a celebrity of happenstance.

In 2010, Jimmy lost a mate to the clutches of Melanoma, a disease far too prevalent in young men. The phoenix from the flames of this tragedy was the charity developed by Niggles, Beardseason, which aims to promote awareness for the disease.

Starting as nothing more than a challenge between mates, Beardseason has grown to a global phenomenon, amassing the attention of millions. With a foundation base of over 80,000 members and ambassadors from across the planet all pledging their support, Beardseason has become a force for change and is saving lives weekly.

Sporting a beard himself in solidarity of Beardseason that would give Darwin a run for his money, Jimmy is instantly recognisable from a mile away. This, coupled with his legendary philanthropic pursuits have elevated Niggles to cult status.

As his signature beard oil  with grooming powerhouse Captain Fawcett ‘The Million Dollar Beard’ suggests, we are much greater than the sum of our parts. Jimmy has inspired a legion of men to lead healthier lives and has helped create a movement for positive change, something far bigger and far beyond the scope of what he set out to do.

From the man himself  “If you’re keen to get involved, save lives and help make a massive difference – it’d be an honour to have you aboard.”~ Jimmy Niggles Esq.

For more information on Beardseason visit beardseason.com

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