Aug 24, 2019Mistr Co

A short, anecdotal story that has stuck with me through adolescence and into adulthood came from my father lamenting his woes with electric shavers. In his youth, he had experimented with what was at the time newfangled technology and his tale was rife with expletives. He had, as it happens, used an electric razor to shave his nether regions. I’m sure you can piece together the outcome, something akin to a certain Daniel Day Lewis film. Not to be trusted. Not to be used under any circumstances.

That was then, this is now. In the same way an Apple Mac was once clunky and low grade and is now the cornerstone of tech, the electric shaver has undergone a metamorphosis of development and now sits atop the pantheon of shaving equipment. A shave powered by the innovations of one mister Thomas Edison (or Nikola Tesla, but we’ll save that argument for another day) accomplishes more than your triple action TURBO blades ever could.

There stands a single shaver that reigns (arguably) supreme and until now has not been available on Australian shores (or U.S shores for that matter). Triple Black has arrived and we couldn’t be happier.

Designed in the grooming capital of the world, the Triple Black razor is unquestionably one of the finest pieces of shaving equipment to enter the market in recent memory. Lightweight, waterproof and touting some of the latest innovations in razor blade technology, the addition of Triple Black in your grooming routine will ensure one of the smoothest, closest shaves of your life, whether you prefer it dry or like to lubricate a little first.

You can purchase your Triple Black razor exclusively through MISTR now. Simply go to themistr.co/tripleblack , and if you are looking to have it in time for Father’s day, make sure you select express shipping.

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