MISTR's Father's Day Gift Sets

MISTR's Father's Day Gift Sets

Aug 12, 2020David Smiedt

There are two ways to look at Father’s Day. The first is that it’s a contrived event existing only to facilitate commerce and give TV networks an excuse to re-run Field Of Dreams for the umpteenth time.

If you fall into this camp, that doesn’t make you savvy. It just makes you cynical.

Which brings us to the second way to view the event. If you’re lucky enough to still have a dad in your life – many aren’t – Father's Day presents an opportunity to throw a gesture of thanks his way. Best of all, you can do this without having to actually vocalise the feelings you may both be uncomfortable putting into, you know, words and stuff.

Why grooming products are the perfect gift for dad.

Grooming-centred gifting for Father's Day is the way to go for a bunch of reasons. First up, your dad could well belong to that generation of men who view grooming alongside vanity. Which of course is bullshit, but it does mean dad may be less likely to spoil himself. And this in turn makes for a more welcome gift.

If, on the other hand, your father first introduced you to the pleasures of a good aftershave and a proper razor, such a gift will already be firmly in his wheelhouse.

Another plus in this equation is convenience. Who can be arsed not only donning a mask but also schlepping to the local (possibly contagious) department store to pull a gift set together?

On top of that, if your pops is of a certain age and living in a hotspot – say for example, the entire state of Victoria – you should probably be avoiding contact anyway. This makes contactless postal delivery a no-brainer.

which grooming kit should you get for dad?

So, what to get dad that expresses your love, admiration and respect, in a cost effective way of course, because he definitely taught you the value of a hard earned buck.

This is where MISTR's carefully curated Father’s Day gift sets come into play. There are three available, plus a custom option, and all come with MISTR's signature cap – leading to the first time in history you will actually covet your dad’s choice in headwear.

The first gift set covers your basics at $65, and as with all of MISTR's Father's Day gift sets, free gift wrapping is available. All you have to do is ask. Included are two items from a favourite label Triumph & Disaster – the moisturising soap brick and the bay leaf/clove deodorant – both of which channel proper retro vibes. It’s topped by Salt & Stone’s Mineral Sunscreen, which has an SPF of 50 and is an area that many older men are notoriously lax on.

Father's Day gift set number 2, at $85, is all about just-out-the-shower freshness. It comes with a deodorant from heritage brand Baxter of California, which is free from both alcohol and aluminium and thus ideal for sensitive skin. Included in this set as well is a body scrubbing tool that takes exfoliation/cleansing to the next level. It’s what you use this scrubber with that makes the pack pretty spesh though. There’s a choice of four washes from the on-trend Plant Apothecary range. We like the Calm Down blend of lavender and ginger at the end of a long day or Wakey Wakey’s ginger and lemongrass at the start of one.

Finally gift set number 3, at $105, is top of the range. Here, you get a Jaxon Lane hydrogel mask that will rejuvenate the face while making for some pretty entertaining Insta moments, as well as The Grey’s dirt-banishing charcoal face wash to be used with the included silicone face scrubbing tool. Best of all, there’s a premium three-headed electric razor. Just the thing if he’s still rocking the manky old Braun he got for Christmas in 2006.

Should none of these packs quite fit the Bill – or whatever your dad’s name is – you can always pull together a custom kit. Select any three items priced above $20 and use the code CUSTOM_DAD at checkout to score a 10 per cent discount, along with MISTR's signature cap and free gift wrapping if you so desire. Like we said, the old man deserves it.

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