Skinimalism - Optimising your skincare routine

Skinimalism - Optimising your skincare routine

Oct 06, 2022MISTR

Skinimalism is a response to an ever increasing roster of excess skincare. It's the principal of less is more...

We are now collectively entering one of the most significant periods in what is actual living memory; the ‘post pandemic’. Upon the occasion of our mass exodus from the outside in, many sought to expand their horizons with a rotating roster of new skincare. Given the newfound abundance of time and lack of other options, this choice made sense. Time afforded experimentation and diversification amounting in what is perhaps the most thorough sampling of actives in history.

This experimentation, and in some cases over-experimentation, puts us in a curious position as almost-experts. With that knowledge a fatigue of sorts can set in.

Skincare is touted by naysayers as superfluous in the first place, though in fairness this is becoming an increasingly contrarian viewpoint. The superfluousness of a skincare routine with a veritable catalogue of products, however, has become more apparent. What you may have discovered is that you truly do not need all this.

Skincare is, first and foremost, a tool. It is a tool for self-optimisation, self-care and self-love. While there is no wrong way to use this tool, there is a way to use it that doesn’t impede on the self-optimisation aspect.

Skinimalism is a term that has been thrown around somewhat sanctimoniously though its core messaging is one you may enjoy, namely, to unburden yourself of the abundance of products and focus a core set of 3-4 tried and true hero’s that truly work for you. It’s quality over quantity.

Chances are by now you have a grasp on what does and doesn’t work for you, though if you’re still wading into the vast ocean that is skincare, make sure to check out our top tips for constructing a no frills skincare routine and which actives you should keep an eye on depending on your specific skincare needs.

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