Summer Skincare Basics

Summer Skincare Basics

Oct 18, 2021MISTR

The arrival of summer not only heralds a shift to warmer weather and beachier days, but it signals the arrival of an increased level of threat for our skin. The inevitable seasonal shift can result in a whole new host of skincare qualms and misgivings, the least of which is sunburn.

Scorching hot days can leave your skin a little worse for wear, with sweat being another primary culprit. Our skin is, in general, greasier during the summer months - so much so that you may be left wondering why an application of moisturiser was even necessary to begin with. But with only a few key items, you can be sure your skin stays fresh for the course of the season.


The same core skincare tactics you’ve been employing up until this point remain necessary to an extent - namely moisturising and cleansing. However, you can leave the heavy-duty lotions behind in favour of lighter formulations. Keep any eye out for gentle foaming cleansers in particular.


A thin film of sweat won’t cut it as your moisturiser either. It may seem redundant to layer moisturiser on top of a crumbling foundation, but trust us, now is not the time to abandon all of that good work you’ve been putting in. A dual-purpose moisturiser is just the ticket to streamlining your summer skincare.

Beginning your skincare regimen with an SPF-infused moisturiser will ensure you're protected from the sun’s rays and that your skin stays healthy and hydrated. Incorporating a dual-purpose moisturiser will also cut out a step from your routine, meaning a lighter load and less chance of pores clogging due to heavier formulations. Let that skin breathe.


Vitamin C serves a multitude of purposes in skincare. Chief among them is an antioxidant's ability to form a barrier against the onslaught of environmental hazards that the skin faces, particularly from free radicals that act to deteriorate our skin at a cellular level and are spurred on by UV rays, pollution and smoke.

In summer, the air is a little heavier with pollutants and the sun has a little more bite to it, making an antioxidant the perfect addition to your skincare routine to mitigate some of the damage associated with both. Vitamin C is also a great defence against hyperpigmentation, which we are at a greater risk of during summer. It can help to even out and brighten skin tone.


Exfoliating during summer becomes doubly important. The increased sweat and oil build-up can lead to higher potential for breakouts and acne. The remedy is thrice-weekly exfoliation, preferably using a serum. However, you may need to test your skin’s receptiveness to an increased exfoliation schedule. Ease off if you’re finding your skin to be too sensitive. Over-exfoliation is a common pitfall that can create additional problems for your skin.


Along with an antioxidant, an SPF should be your first line of defence against UVA/UVB rays. Opt for a lotion of at least SPF 50 and apply every day. No if, buts or maybes: this is the most important step in any summer skincare routine.


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