Apr 02, 2019Mistr Co

Reckon you’ve got it all sussed? That you’ve nailed your routine in terms of both efficiency and result? More power to you. Well done.

For the rest of us mere mortals, excellent hair is a matter of getting the basics right and practising them until they become second nature.

Here are five common mistake men make with their hair and how to remedy the situation.

1. Don’t trust your stylist. At least when it comes to product. Refer to them on cut and maintenance, but the gear they’re trying to shill you when you leave the salon is often nothing more than an additional income stream. A lot are sponsored by brands and will exclusively push one, not necessarily good, product. Try it by all means, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick with it.

2. You’re probably using too much. A splodge the size of a 50c coin is plenty, in fact a 20c sized blob will probably do. If your product is lasting you weeks instead of months, dial it back.

3. You’re not getting rid of it properly. The product buildup is super dandruff friendly and can even lead to hair breakage/thinning. Use a clarifying shampoo at least twice a week.

4. You’re not emulsifying it. What now? No matter what formula you’re using – clay, wax, pomade – it needs a dose of heat to ensure it spreads evenly through the hair and doesn’t clump. That means rubbing it between the palms for a good minute.

5. You’re applying it incorrectly. Instead of going from front to back, start at the top of the scalp and distribute product in a forward motion. This will ensure it goes everywhere it’s meant to without clumpy bits. Once it’s in, then sweep back and create the style you want. This doubles up on distribution and makes it more even.

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