Apr 16, 2018Mistr Co

A preliminary scan through Luke Zocchi’s social pages will tell you instantly he’s much more than a trainer “to some people you may know”.

Having founded the Twenty40 training program, Zocchi has been able to radically transform the bodies of athletes, film stars and the average Joe through his meticulously calculated regimen.

Behind the veneer of superstardom is a guy who has remained extremely humble with an unwavering ethos. Regularly uploading lighthearted insights into his day to day life on Instagram has garnered the attention of an audience in excess of 200k, leading way to the release of his number 1 bestselling cookbook ‘The A-list’, in which he gets candid about the minimal ingredients needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Co-founding Australian coffee brand SIPP has seen Luke’s ventures depart into a more entrepreneurial space, with an aim to reshape the perception of what a simple cup of coffee can do for you.

A classic Australian sensibility, a fair amount of hard work and dedication and a winning smile has established Zoc as a household name.


Jumper: COS
Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples

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