Nov 01, 2019Mistr Co

We’ve all been there. You’re midway through a date or work presentation when you feel the unmistakable sensation of damp fabric on the inside of your arm. Holy fuck. You’re sweating from the pits. So much so that your shirt is absorbing it. And if it’s any colour bar navy or black, you know there is going to be a dark circle there any moment. Even worse, you may catch a whiff of a familiar yet frightening odour. Yes champ, that’s you.

The good news is that this monster can be tamed. You just need the right tools

Antiperspirant – which doesn’t mean deodorant. One masks scent, the other inhibits the bacteria that causes it. Here’s the sneaky on it. A dab before bed means your sweat ducts will be better blocked. Compared to when you’re fresh out of the shower and the formulation can be diluted by contact with water. If your over-the-counter unscented – let a quality EDP cover this dimension – isn’t cutting it, opt for a specialist product with boosted aluminium like DriClor.

Powder – this can be a godsend if you get the back and chest sweats. A light dusting is all you need and to sidestep any health concerns you have with talc, look for ingredients like tapioca starch (which is super absorbent) and soothing aloe-vera.

The undershirt – we know, you haven’t worn one since you were a kid, but the new generation hold back more liquid than a Dutch Dike and fit like a regular vest. If that feels a bit restrictive, check out the sweat proof t-shirts now doing whatever the opposite of flooding the market is.

Botox – the magic vials that make newsreaders look the same when they’re covering a plane crash as they do when talking to baby pandas are a miracle worker at counteracting OTT sweating, AKA hyperhidrosis. If your doctor points to it, you may even be covered by a government subsidy for treatment. Even at around $1000 for a year of dryness comparable to the dryness a certain president’s presence prompts in the first lady, it’s a huge relief for those suffering from the condition and its embarrassments.


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