Which Fragrance Is Right For Me?

Which Fragrance Is Right For Me?

Sep 06, 2021Lucien Fowler

Whether you’re a fragrance aficionado or you’re new to scents, there are so many deodorants on the market that finding the right one can sometimes be intimidating. We’ve got good news for you! For all the choices available, choosing a fragrance is actually a personal experience, and it really comes down to what you prefer. There are no “rights” and “wrongs” here.

Fragrances have a powerful effect on how people see and remember you. At MISTR we believe that a well-groomed man needs the perfect men’s deodorant in his grooming kit, and finding the right fragrance for him, personally, is a journey worth undertaking.

The best place to begin your journey to finding your signature scent is, for lack of a better term, right under your nose. Think about scents that you already love. For instance, do you prefer the deeper, richer, and bolder scents such as the smell of wood, or your favourite spice? Or do you enjoy the lighter floral and fruity fresh scents?

Here at MISTR, we have you covered.

a world of woody wonder

For those who love adventure and the great outdoors, Maison Louis Marie No4 is the woody scent for you. It smells like a hard day’s work at the lumber yard (not that we can speak from experience here, but you get the picture). It is a strong, masculine scent that no fragrance collection is complete without.

add a little bit of spice

To us spice means warmth, boldness, and confidence. Mihan Aromatics, Guilty Story Oil Parfum encompasses all three. Featuring notes of bergamot and saffron, scored by the cosy spice of cinnamon with the warmth of tobacco and rounded by sandalwood and vanilla.

keep it fresh

There’s no better feeling than being in the fresh salty breeze on a hot summer’s day by the ocean (well, at least in my opinion). Mihan Aromatics, Sienna Brume Parfum is one for the dreamers chasing an endless summer. Featuring notes of cucumber and white pepper, coupled delicately with mid notes of coconut, and timbersilk rounding out the union with the scent of fresh woods.

serenade with flowers

Floral scents combine passion, dreams, and romance. Aether’s Celluloid calls out event the most dormant of dreams and brings them in crystal clear high definition. Featuring the soft floral scents that serenade with songs of joy while the woody notes ground this fragrance in something resolutely strong and masculine.

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