How To Build A Skincare Routine

Apr 29, 2024Lucien Fowler

Skincare habits, for the most part, are developed and encouraged by noticeable change. If a hyaluronic acid is doing your skin good, chances are it will remain a staple in your line-up while others may come and go depending on their apparent efficacy.

I say ‘apparent efficacy’ because too often genuinely good products can result in lacklustre results. Touting the use of a particular product because it ‘brightens and smooths’ is all well and good, but how does it integrate into your existing routine? You may have the world’s fanciest assortment of skincare products but it could all amount to zilch if applied incorrectly.

These are some hard and fast rules to follow when building your routine to ensure each product does its job without complaint.

Wash Your Face

Think of your face like a canvas. Building out your masterwork on a canvas that is oily, dry and covered in dirt will significantly diminish the potential of the final product. The same logic applies with your face. Love it or hate it, cleansing must be step one in your routine. Keep an eye out for a cleanser that hydrates and is free from soaps and fragrances.

Generally speaking, we would advise you to keep soap as far away from your face as possible unless, of course, it’s one of Baxter of California’s specially-designed cleansing bars, which are purpose built to remove dirt and grime without stripping the face of moisture.

Tone It Up

Toning may seem like a redundant step in your routine, and while optional, it’s the perfect primer on which to lay your foundations. A toner will help unclog pores, hydrate the skin and can actually boost the efficacy of your other skincare products. This could mean the difference between fine skin and great skin.

Apply Serum

After you tone, a serum is your next stop. Serums are lighter and more easily absorbed by your skin than your standard moisturiser, which is why we apply them beforehand. Unless, of course, you’re opting for an oil-based serum. Not to muddy the waters too much, but these should be applied after you moisturise. If you’re a ‘more is more’ kind of person, chances are you have multiple serums lying around. A good rule of thumb is to apply moisturising serums (hyaluronic acid, for example) at nighttime and antioxidants or exfoliants (Vitamin C, AHA/BHA) in the morning.


Moisturisers are the pièce de résistance of any good skincare routine. They lock in the effects of all previous steps and make sure your skin stays healthy and hydrated. Double points if you opt for an SPF-infused lotion. Apply your moisturiser last. Make sure you leave a little breathing room between steps to allow your products to absorb. If you’re concerned about timing, opt to brush your teeth between applying your serum and moisturiser. This small amount of time is plenty for each element to penetrate the outer layer of skin and work its magic.

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