About Us


Greater than the sum of its parts...

Welcome to MISTR, where innovation meets sustainability in men's skincare. 

We've tackled the environmental challenges of single-use packaging by introducing The Vessel; a sleek outer shell redefining skincare by offering a multi-purpose, eco-friendly alternative. All MISTR products are housed in The Vessel, supplanting the traditional ‘one and done’ systems of single use packaging and replacing it with a refillable system that supports endless refills. Return your empty refills to us when you’re done for hassle free recycling, ensuring every component is reused and waste is minimised.

But The Vessel is more than packaging—it's your gateway to a convenient and eco-friendly refill experience. Equipped with NFC and Web3 technology, it simplifies refills, making them intuitive and effortless. Our carefully curated range of eco-friendly skincare essentials is tailored for the conscious man, adhering to our philosophy of 'functional skincare.' We believe skincare should enhance your routine, elevate your confidence, and embody your lifestyle.

Experience the future of skincare with MISTR. Our exclusive refillable range, available only at MISTR, not only elevates your grooming routine but also contributes to a sustainable future. Join us in our mission to redefine skincare, one refill at a time.

About Us

Founded in 2019, MISTR started as an editorial platform dedicated to showcasing the best in skincare and personal grooming for Australian men. Our mission was straightforward: understand the modern man's skincare needs and create a streamlined range that eliminates the unnecessary and focuses solely on what works. Thus, the MISTR refillable skincare system was born—a collection crafted for discerning individuals who demand more from their skincare routine.

Embracing a skincare regimen as a lifestyle choice, centred on self-care and meticulous attention, is not a passing trend. It's about striving to be the best version of oneself, requiring dedication and a demand for excellence. What became evident was that men know what they want; there's no need for hand-holding. Our skincare products are tailored for this self-assured man.

Functionality forms the core of our range, with each product meticulously designed to fulfil multiple needs simultaneously. We prioritise efficiency while minimising costs. Our goal was to provide men with skincare products that are not only user-friendly but also effective. We've elevated existing standards by incorporating proven active ingredients into a foundational range that is sustainable, ethical, and innovative.